Men’s health and drugs

All media and Internet sites are filled with various advertising drugs to increase potency and impotence treatment. Men and women with pleasant voices assure you that Cialis Online pills at once will save you from all problems. Pharmacies shelves literally littered with drugs for erectile dysfunction, different in composition and value. As for the cost, the difference is due to the fact that there are original drugs and “generics”. Original products are produced in the United States, and their price is much higher than that of counterparts – generics are produced in other countries of already existing formula of the drug without the cost of clinical trials.

Impotence Pills are designed to improve erection.

In addition, drugs for impotence may vary in composition. Depending on the cause of impotence, the physician can use for the symptomatic treatment and adjuvants erection. They are quite diverse, but drugs used in the symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction can be grouped into three main groups.

Synthetic drugs or inhibitors:

Tablets containing synthetic components, improve vascular permeability and filling the penis with blood by blocking the enzyme phosphodiesterase – 5. The prices of these products range from 100 to 700 rubles per tablet. The choice of medication depends on the objective pursued by the buyer. Some drugs have a short duration, and one tablet is enough for two or three sexual intercourse. Others – active substance can last more than a day.

You should know that erectile dysfunction can not be cured with the help of these pills, they only cause an erection when needed. And not all of them can help. Whatever the name or attractive attractive price, but the man suffering from diabetes or atherosclerosis, medications containing inhibitors of phosphodiesterase – 5 to help in treatment of impotence can not.
By the way, do not rush immediately to the pharmacy. As all drugs and pills for impotence have side effects. Of course, they do not always manifest themselves, and not everyone, but the chances to get a “gift” to the erect penis headache and facial flushing large. Some “lucky” even more – after ingestion they celebrated heartburn and diarrhea. But do not be upset, the new generation of drugs are practically deprived of such “surprises” and are more suitable for the symptomatic treatment.